Our Story

Late Shri Lala Jethanand Ji who was already running Sweets business in Peshawar (Pakistan 1940s) and as an outdoor Caterer in INDIA had to leave his venture due to India-Pakistan partition.

After Partition, catching his grounds and following his Dreams & Legacy by forming KUMAR SWEETS with trust and taste of INDIA, in the year 1951 (Dehradun).

Starting products like Jalebi, White (Plain) Barfi, Guldaana, etc. KUMAR SWEETS soon established the taste of its ethnic and wide range of mouth watering Sweets & Food. KUMAR SWEETS grew to become a global name.

Under the Guidance and Blessings of Late Shri Jethanand Ji, his Sons Krishan Kumar Verma, Ashok Kumar Verma & Rajender Kumar Verma had Maintained and Kept Their Father's Dream of Being the BEST if not BIG. Later on Ashok Kumar Verma Chose A Professional Career (Advocate) on the Wishes of his Father, Rajender Kumar Verma Specialised in Restaurant and Outdoor Catering Business.

Then Late Jethanand Ji's Fascinated Grandson Gautam Kumar Verma for whom his Grandfather an IDOL Joined His Father Krishan Kumar Verma to keep his Grandfather's Legacy Enriched.



Sweets Franchise, Whole Sale Orders, Restaurants.

Inspiration and blessing by Late Lala Jethanand Ji.

Kumar Sweets started with its new and wide variety of sweets like Kulfi, Rass Malai, Chhena Kheer, Petha Paan, Dry Fruit Laddoo, Spl. Panjiri, Special Varities of Halwa (Gajar, Moong Dal, Urad Dal), etc.


Kumar Sweets Has (With the Blessings And Inspiration Of Our Idol Late Shree Jethanand Ji) has established itself in different corners of Dehradun.

> Sahastradhara Road

> Majra

> Selaqui


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